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The Thames Television "The World at War" series has been digitally remastered and release on both video (NTSC and PAL) and DVD (region zero).

The  TV series is an outstanding documentary series about World War Two. Each of the 26 episodes contains on DVD volumes 1, 2, 3 and one disc in 4, are narrated by Laurence Olivier, is a precise visual essay of a period during World War II. The series was first shown on UK television during 1973.

The second disc in DVD Volume 4 and both in Volume 5 are special episodes covering some of the topics already touched in earlier episodes, in greater detail with film not used in the main series. The special episodes are narrated by Eric Porter and were originally made in 1975.

"The Making of The World at War" is a special presentation by Jeremy Issacs (the Series Producer) explaining how the series was made, the decisions behind how it was made and some of the challenges faced when making the series which took 3 years to produce.

Also as 2003 marks the 30th Anniversary of the original release of "The World at War", a special anniversary edition has been released (DVD Region 0 - PAL). In addition to the material described on this page, the special edition includes a new 3-hour DVD containging interviews with those people who worked on the series and additional interviews not used in the original series. In addition to the DVDs, a reprint of Mark Arnold-Forster's book "The World at War" and a facsimile of the 1974 BAFTA Series Journal concerning "The World at War" series are also contained.

"The World at War" series is recommended to everyone, especially those people with an interest in the Second World War. Whilst other programmes may have covered some of the items in more depth, especially with the release of previously unavailable records, nothing has come close to the series' blend of film and witnesses and keeping each of the 26 normal episodes to just under one hour in length. The series also serves as an excellent example of how to produce a documentary series.

DVD Volume I: Disc One

The Making of The World at War (DVD Editions only)

1. A New Germany (1933 - 1939)

2. Distant War (September 1939 - May 1940)

3. France Falls (May - June 1940)

DVD Volume I: Disc Two

4. Alone in Britain (May 1940 - June 1941)

5. Barbarossa (June - December 1941)

6. Banzai: Japan Strikes (1931 - 1942)

7. On our Way: America Enter the War (1939 - 1942)

DVD Volume II: Disc One

8. Desert: The War in North Africa (1940 - 1943)

9. Stalingrad (June 1942 - February 1943)

10. Wolfpack: U-Boats in the Atlantic (1939 - 1944)

11. Red Star: The Soviet Union (1941 - 1943)

DVD Volume II: Disc Two

12. Whirlwind: Bombing Germany (September 1939 - April 1944)

13. Tough Old Gut: Italy

14. It's a lovely day tomorrow: Burma (1942 - 1943)

15. Home Fires: Britain (1940 - 1944)

DVD Volume III: Disc One

16. Inside the Reich: Germany (1940 - 1944)

17. Morning: Normandy Invasion (June - August 1944)

18. Occupation: Holland (1940 - 1944)

19. Pincers (August 1944 - March 1945)

DVD Volume III: Disc Two

20. Genocide (1941 - 1945)

21. Nemesis (February - May 1945)

22. Japan (1941 - 1945)

23. Pacific (February 1942 - July 1945)

DVD Volume IV: Disc One

24. The Atomic Bomb (February - September 1945)

25. Reckoning (April 1945 ...)

26. Remember

DVD Volume IV: Disc Two

SP1. Secretary to Hitler

SP2. Who won World War Two?

SP3. Warrior

DVD Volume V: Disc One

SP4. Hitler's Germany (1933 - 1939)

SP5. Hitler's Germany (1939 - 1945)

SP6. The two deaths of Adolf Hitler

DVD Volume V: Disc Two

SP7. The Final Solution - Auschwitz Part One

SP8. The Final Solution - Auschwitz Part Two

DVD Volume V: Disc Three

Special Features (30th Anniversary Edition only).


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