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The 1964 BBC series "The Great War" has been digitally remastered and release on both video and DVD.

The TV series is an outstanding documentary series about World War One. Each of the 26 episodes is a precise visual essay of a period during World War One. The whole series is presented in the style of contemporary footage with music added in the same format as the later "World At War" series.

The series has been published by DD Video.

DVD Volume One (200 Mins Approx):

1. "On the idle hill of summer"

2. "For such a stupid reason too"

3. "We must hack our way through"

4. "Our hats we doff to General Joffe"

5. "This business may last a long time"

DVD Volume Two (200 Mins Approx):

6. "So sleep easy in your beds"

7. "We await the heavenly manna"

8. "Why don't you come and help?"

9. "Please God send us a victory"

10. "What are our Allies doing?"

DVD Volume Three (160 Mins Approx):

11. "Hell cannot be so terrible"

12. "For Gawd's sake don't send me"

13. "The Devil is coming"

14. "All this it is our duty to bear"

DVD Volume Four (160 Mins Approx):

15. "We are betrayed, sold, lost"

16. "Right is more precious than peace"

17. "Surely we have perished"

18. "Fat Rodzyanko has sent me some nonsense"

DVD Volume Five (160 Mins Approx):

19. "The hell where youth and laughter go"

20. "Only war, nothing but war"

21. "It was like the end of the world"

22. "Damn them, are they never coming in?"

DVD Volume Six (160 Mins Approx):

23. "When must the end be?"

24. "Allah made Mesopotamia - and added flies"

25. "The iron thrones are falling"

26. " ... and we were young"

DVD Volume Seven (65 Mins Approx):

Contains the following bonus material: "Voices from the Western Front" and a 10-minute silent film which shows soldiers of the American 83rd Division undergoing training.


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