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The case of Provost-Booth is interesting as it was mentioned in the files concerning Mariette Smart.


In 1890, Mrs. Suzanne Louise Provost-Booth was born in London. She was the daughter of a French diplomat. Following the dissolution of her marriage to Henry Claude Booth in 1924, she lived in Paris.

MI5 stated that, in its opinion, there was ample evidence of Mrs. Provost-Booth's employment by the Gestapo in the Paris region. Her activities were directed against loyal French and British subjects. She also broadcast on German radio under the name of Mrs. Evans, during the period December 1944 to March 1945. However, her activities in Paris were viewed as far more serious than her radio broadcasts.

Mrs. Claudine Suzanne Courthauld, who was the daughter of Mrs. Provost-Booth, and the sister-in-law of Mr. R.A Butler, the Conservative Minister of Labour in the post war Churchill Government. Mrs. Courthauld applied for a passport to go to Paris and attempt to meet her Mother. Mrs. Provost-Booth, while interned by the British authorities, had been interviewed by the Daily Express on 12 and 14 July 1945. She stated that she wanted to meet her Mother, as she had not heard from her for over two years. Her application was refused as the British authorities suspected that the French authorities were about to take their own action against Mrs. Provost-Booth.

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