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This page is about Pinner War Memorial. As with many other parts of the UK, after the First World War, there was felt a need to commemorate the large loss of live which occurred in the 4 years that World War One lasted.

Pinner War Memorial

The War Memorial

Pinner War Memorial (Stephen Stratford 2002).

The names of the commemorated servicemen are  listed on 4 metal plates; one on each side of the memorial. All the names are servicemen from the First World War. Following the end of World War Two in 1945, a metal plate was added to the memorial stating that the memorial was also in remembrance of servicemen killed in World War Two and subsequent conflicts.

Click here to view a list of the names.

Private Hilsden

The grave of Private George William Hilsden in Paines Lane Cemetery Pinner (Stephen Stratford 2002).

For some of the names it has not been possible to state with any reasonable confidence that the entry in the CWGC's Debt of Honour or the publication "Soldiers Died in the Great War" does indeed relate to that name on the memorial. However I do intend continuting with the research and hope to minimise the number of unknown details.

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