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This page contains information on how to send me an email message, as well as the sort of information you should include in any questions that you set in your messages.

Do you offer legal (or courts martial) advice?

NO! Please consult a qualified lawyer!

How long do you take for a reply?

This depends on the question and enquiry. This web site is operated solely as my major hobby and interest. Also I have a normal daytime job to perform. Consequently I am unable to reply to all messages.

Do you know a web site on ...

Any information sources that I have found either useful, interesting or both for the material covered by this web site are listed on my References page. Whilst not a complete catalogue of sources it does contain information that would be of interest to someone who wishes to find out more detail about a subject covered on this web site.

If you know of a web site that you think would be of interest to me, and its not on my references page, then send me the address via an email.

Why was a gallantry medal awarded?

The web site for the London Gazette newspaper provides a facility to search the editions published during both world wars. This can be used to provide more information about gallantry and other gazetted notices.

How much is my medal(s) worth?

If you wish to know the value of a medal then you should contact a reputable medal dealer. Most reputable dealers would provide valuations for insurance purposes or advice if you wish to dispose of the medals.

I do not provide a valuation service!

How do I try to find my relative's medals?

Often a recipient's group of medals were disposed of or sold in the past, and that their descendents wish to either attempt to purchase them back or know where the medals now reside. A good place to start is the Orders and Medal Research Society (OMRS) web site and in particular the OMRS General Secretary, whose contact details are shown on their web site.

Do you provide a research service?

No! This web site is operated purely as a hobby and major interest. I don't have the time and resources to be a professional researcher.

An example of a professional researcher, with whom I have no connection whatsoever, can be found at the following web site:

What medal is this?

If you are enquiring about a particular medal then please provide as much information possible about the medal as possible. Does the medal have a ribbon? If so, what colour is it? What text or illustrations appear on either face of the medal? Is there any text around the rim of the medal? From what metal does the medal appear to be cast (silver, bronze, etc)?

Also if you have a photograph of the medal, or are able to scan the medal directly to create a picture, then please send the picture file as an attachment to your email. I would prefer any picture file attachments to be in JPEG format.

Can I link to your web site?

Generally the answer is yes.

However, linking to individual pages is done at your own risk. I can't undertake to notify people if I remove, rename or otherwise alter individual pages on this web site. Should you decide to link to my web site I recommend that you create the URL based on my home page.

I would also appreciate a quick note as I am interested in other people's web sites.

Finally ...

It is assumed that you understand and accept the information on this page.

Thank you for visiting this site. I do appreciate the messages that I have received in the past.

My email address is stratford.sp at Gmail dot com

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