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This page contains some research that I have done on the War Memorial located in Earsham, Norfolk.

World War One

Earsham War Memorial

Earsham War Memorial (Stratford family)

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The Remblance Family

The 1911 Census records the following Remblance family: William (born Earsham, age 43, Woodman), Selina (born Woodton, age 40), Welcome Remblance (born Woodton, age 21 - Fisherman), Arthur (born Earsham, age 19, Farm labourer), Charles (born Earsham, age 16, Farm labourer), Victor (born Earsham, age 14, Baker's errand boy), Violet (born Earsham, age 11), James (born Earsham, age 10), Edith (born Earsham, age 7), Leslie (born Bungay, age 4) and Lily (born Bungay, age 1). The Census sheet was completed by Selina Remblance. The family house in Boycot Lane, Bungay had five rooms.

In addition to Welcome and Victor Remblance listed on the Earsham War Memorial, Arthur and Charles Remblance also served in the armed forces during the First World War.

Arthur Remblance enlisted in the Norfolk Regiment on 27 November 1915. His Army service papers record his height as 5 feet 7.5 inches. 25845 Private Arthur Remblance served at home until 8 June 1916, when he arrived in the France & Flanders theatre, joining the 8th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment. On 22 October 1916, Private Arthur Remblance was severely wounded. His service papers record that he suffered a gunshot wound to his left knee, which was amputated. Additionally, he lost his left eye, left hand and his right arm. He returned home and was discharged as medically unfit for further service. Awarded the British War Medal, Victory Medal and the Silver War Badge. During 1918, Arthur Remblance married Gladys Prettyman.

Charles Remblance saw service in the Army Service Corps (later the Royal Army Service Corps). He entered the France & Flanders theatre of operations on 23 September 1915. Discharged to the reserves on 12 March 1919. Awarded the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.

HMS Shark

Destroyer; 1912; Swan Hunter; 950 tons; 266x27.9x9; 25,000 i.h.p; 36 knots; turbine engine; Yarrow boilers; three 4 in. guns; 4 torpedo tube.

The destroyer Shark, under Commander L.W. Jones, was a unit of the 4th Flotilla at the Battle of Jutland. At about 17:30 on 31 May 1916, when the Shark was leading her division to attack the German ships under Rear-Admiral Boedicker, she came under concentrated fire. Despite being put out of action, Shark managed to fire a torpedo at one of the German cruisers.

Commander Jones, despite a severe leg wound, went to the after gun which was still in operation. However, this gun was put out of action just after the commander reached it. He then made his way to the now sole operating gun, where he and two seaman kept it in operation until his leg was shot off at the knee. A stoker improvised a tourniquet round Jones' thigh, and they carried on.

After the Shark had been torpedoed by a German destroyer, Jones gave the order to abandon ship. The Shark eventually sank with the loss of seven officers (including Jones) and 79 ratings. There were only 6 survivors.

For his conduct during the operation, despite his injuries, Commander L.W. Jones was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

H.M. Drifter "Kent County"

Patrol boat (ex Trawler); 1911; Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders Ltd; 86 tons; 25.6 x 5.5 2.7 metres; 32 nominal horsepower; triple expansion engine with 1 boiler, single shaft, 1 screw; Speed 9 knots; 1 x 6 pounder gun.

On December 8th, 1916, HMD Kent County was sunk by a mine from a German submarine, 1 mile NNW of the Cross Sand lightvessel, near Lowestoft. The crew of 11 were all lost, and they are all commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

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