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This page contains a table which provides some of the important dates connected with the Boer War.

Important Dates




8 September

British Cabinet decides to send 10000 soldiers to defend Natal

26 September

Penn Symons pushes up troops to Dundee

27 September

Kruger calls up Transvaal burghers. Steyn follows suit in Free State

7 October

British mobilise 1st Army Corps. White lands at Durban

9 October

Kruger sends ultimatum

11 October

Ultimatum expires and Boer War commences

14-16 October

Boers commence sieges of Kimberley and Mafeking

20 October

Penn Symons engages in action at Talana. Möller surrenders

21 October

Battle of Elandslaagte

24 October

Battle of Rietfontein

30 October

The day termed "Mournful Monday". Joubert out-thinks White at Battle of Ladysmith. Carleton surrenders at Nicholson's Nek

31 October

Buller arrives at Cape Town

2 November

White's field force become besieged in Ladysmith

15 November

Botha destroys armoured train between Frere and Chieveley

22-23 November

Battle of Willow Grange

23 November

End of Botha-Joubert raid into Natal. Battle at Belmont

25 November

Battle at Graspan

26 November

Holdsworth, with Linchwe's Africans, attack Boer laager at Derdepoort

28 November

Battle at Mooder River

15 December

Buller defeated at Battle of Colenso

18 December

Roberts succeeds Buller as British Commander-in-Chief South Africa. Kitchener appointed Chief of Staff


6 January

Boer force attacks Caesar's Camp and Wagon Hill at Ladysmith

10 January

Roberts and Kitchener arrive at Cape Town

24 January

Battle at Spion Kop

5-7 February

Vaal Krantz captured, but then evacuated

11 February

Roberts commences his great flanking march

14-27 February

Buller make his fourth attempt to relieve Ladysmith

15 February

French relieves Kimberley

18 February

Battle of Paardeburg

27 February

Cronjie surrenders at Paardeburg

28 February

Buller finally relieves Ladysmith

7 March

Battle of Poplar Grove. Also escape of Kruger

10 March

Battle of Driefontein

13 March

British forces capture Bloemfontein

27 March

Joubert died from injuries sustained when thrown from his horse

3 May

Roberts resumes his march on Pretoria

28 May

Annexation of Orange Free State, which renamed Orange River Colony

31 May

Roberts captures Johannesburg

5 June

Roberts captures Pretoria

11-12 June

Battle of Diamond Hill

15 July

De Wet and Steyn escape from Brandwater Basin

19 October

Kruger sails for France aboard the Gelderland

24 October

Buller leaves South Africa for England

25 October

Annexation of Transvaal is announced from Pretoria (now in British hands)

29 November

Kitchener replaces Roberts as Commander-in-Chief South Africa. Roberts returns to UK to suceed Wolseley as Commander-in-Chief in UK.

16 December

Kritzinger enter the Cape Colony


10-28 February

De Wet's incursion into Cape Colony

28 February

Peace talks between Kitchener and Botha at Middelburg fail

7 August

Kitchener announces imprisonment for armed Boer leaders captured after 15 September 1901

12 August

Kritzinger driven out of the Cape Colony

3 September

Force under Smuts enters Cape Colony

11 October

Commandant Lotter executed by British troops. Scheepers captured.

25 December

De Wet captures Yeomanry at Tweefontein


17 January

Scheepers executed by British Troops

6-8 February

New drive in eastern Orange River Colony (formerly Orange Free State)

27 February

Lieutenants Morant and Handcock executed by Cameron Highlander firing squad

26 March

Death of Cecil Rhodes

12-18 April

Boer delegates to the peace talks hold their first meeting at Pretoria

15-18 May

First meeting of Boer delegates at Vereeninging

11 May

Final peace meeting at Vereeninging. Surrender terms signed at Pretoria

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